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Who We Are

We Are The World’s First Agricultural Commodity Streaming Company

Input Capital is a brand new company based on the prairies that helps farmers with their working capital needs. We buy canola from farmers using multi-year contracts where we pay the majority of the cash upfront.

We believe that what you earn should be directly related to how hard you work. Too often in farming, it’s all hard work and no pay. We know it takes money to make money and that it is costly to be cash poor. Input Capital has introduced a new financial tool for producers that allows them to have cash upfront for crops yet to be planted. This program is geared for farmers looking for a cash injection for expansion, succession planning or to save money by purchasing inputs with cash. Our streaming contracts give you a leg up so you can maximize your yields and reach your full production potential.

This is the first time this kind of working capital has been available to farmers. Our funding helps you grow your business. Streaming contracts will make your farming operations more successful.

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Our Input Capital Farm team will be at a conference near you. Come meet us in person!

Make an appointment with one of our knowledgeable buyers by email info@inputcapital.com or call us toll free 1-844-715-7355.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Manitoba Ag Days
Jan 20-22, 2015 – Brandon, MB.

Crop Connect Conference
Feb 17-18, 2015 – Winnipeg, MB.

Ag Expo
Feb 25-27, 2015 – Lethbridge, AB.

Canola Council of Canada – Annual Convention
Mar 3-5, 2015 – Banff, AB.

Peace Country Classic Agri-Show
Mar 12 -14, 2015 – Grande Prairie, AB

Smoky River Agricultural Trade Show
Mar 19- 21, 2015 – Falher, AB

Northlands Farm & Ranch
Mar 26-28, 2015 – Edmonton, AB.

Canada’s Farm Progress Show
Jun 17-19, 2015 – Regina, SK.

Ag In Motion – Western Canada’s Outdoor Farm Expo
July 21-23, 2015 – Saskatoon, SK

Input Capital Farm Team

Doug Emsley , , , President & CEO

Doug Emsley is President and Chief Executive Officer at Input Capital. As one of the founders of the company, Doug is passionate about business and using his skills to help others. Doug has served on various professional and community boards and loves to call Regina home. He is an avid Rider fan and serves as one of the football club’s directors.

Brad Farquhar , , , Executive VP & CFO

Brad Farquhar is Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer at Input Capital. Brad is a trained financial planner and loves to make the numbers work for all those involved. Brad is passionate about travel and has consulted on matters related to the conduct of elections in Central Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Gord Nystuen , , , VP of Market Development

Gord Nystuen is the Vice President of Market Development at Input Capital. Gord spends many hours in his truck covering the prairies and visiting his clients. He is passionate about what he does and loves to help farmers make a better living. He has held a number of senior management positions in the agriculture industry and government. Gord’s farm roots are in the Naicam, Saskatchewan area and he is a partner in the family farm. When Gord is not out driving country roads, you will find him out driving around in old cars.

Jamie Burgess , , , Director of Finance

Jamie Burgess is the Director of Finance & Administration at Input Capital. Jamie is a Chartered Accountant and loves to keep all the beans counted and accounted for in a timely fashion. Prior to joining the Input Capital team, Jamie served as a senior manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Matt Badger , , , Director of Corporate Development

Matt Badger works on corporate development at Input Capital. With a past career at Viterra and a finance degree, you can be sure that Matt is in the know when it comes to agriculture business. Matt enjoys getting out of the office most days for a run. A native Montrealler, Matt and his wife now call Regina home. One more time “en français”.

Kendra Cruson , , , Director of Sales & Marketing

Email: kendra@inputcapital.com

Direct: 306-347-3009

Kendra Cruson runs the marketing department and support for the sales department at Input Capital. Kendra’s farm roots started way before she was born when her ancestors settled near Balgonie over 100 years ago. Using her farm and farm business background, Kendra loves to make things happen. She loves adventure and recently returned from a year long trip around the world.

Brennan Craig , , , Grain Marketing/Logistics

Email: brennan@inputcapital.com

Direct: 306-347-3022

Brennan Craig manages grain marketing and logistics for all the canola streamed at Input Capital. Brennan loves to move grain and has 16 years of experience in the western Canadian grain handling and marketing system. He loves to push the boundaries and challenge himself as demonstrated with his two Ironman Canada finishes!

Ginnine Huyghebaert , , , Paralegal

Ginnine Huyghebaert is the resident paralegal at Input Capital. She earned her Legal Assistant Diploma in 2002 with honors and distinction. This commitment comes through in the details of all she does. Ginnine loves the Riders and to call Saskatchewan home.

Dane Seidle , , , Accounting

Dane Seidle joins Input Capital in the accounting department. Having been raised on a grain farm in Northern Saskatchewan, Dane brings farm work ethic and attitude in all he does. He has a degree in Commerce and is currently working toward a CPA designation.

Matt Fahlman , , , Business Analyst

Matt Fahlman joins Input Capital as business analyst in our back office. Matt loves numbers and has an impressive educational background to back him up. He is also a dedicated volunteer in his community and abroad. Matthew likes to stay healthy and walks to work every day.

Joerg Zimmermann , , , Regional Account Manager Manitoba

Email: joerg@inputcapital.com

Mobile: 204-898-5478

Joerg was raised on a cash crop farm near Stuttgart, Germany. After internships on grain farms in France and Canada, he graduated from the University of Hohenheim, Germany majoring in Agricultural Economics. He completed his PhD in the area of management techniques for large farm enterprises at the same German university.

During his extensive research of management strategies and control systems employed by large scale agricultural enterprises in Eastern Europe and the CIS – mainly in Russia – he got to see a wide range of farm operations in this part of the world. Besides the work on his PhD thesis Joerg consulted large scale farms in Eastern Europe and the CIS in the area of Business Management for more than 7 years. Starting in 2002, he built up and co-owned a 2,000 ha (5,000 ac) farm in Samara, Russia, where valuable lessons about practical farm management were acquired.

His pioneering days in the agricultural sector of Eastern Europe and the CIS were concluded, when he and his family settled in Winnipeg, MB in 2009.

Joerg keeps close ties to German agriculture as he is involved in a 4,000 ha (10,000 ac) farming partnership in Eastern Germany operating several independent farms including his own.

Kim Althouse , , , Regional Account Manager North Saskatchewan

Email: kim@inputcapital.com

Mobile: 306-873-1616

Kim Althouse is Regional Account Manager, North Saskatchewan at Input Capital. Kim is passionate about agriculture and has spent the bulk of his lifetime in and around the farm. He has a long career in senior management roles with Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and Louis Dreyfus. He is keen to talk to you about how Input Capital can work for your farm business. Kim resides in Tisdale, Saskatchewan.

Dennis Kowalchuk , , , Regional Account Manager Alberta

Email: dennis@inputcapital.com

Mobile: 587-784-7912

Dennis Kowalchuk is Regional Account Manager, Alberta at Input Capital. Dennis loves helping farmers. He recently returned from an international project where he spent nine months working with Farmers Edge. Dennis has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics. Given this and his extensive experience in the banking industry, Dennis is excited to talk to you about what Input Capital could mean for your farm. Dennis resides in Edmonton, Alberta.

Warren Kaeding , , , Regional Account Manager South Saskatchewan

Email: warren@inputcapital.com

Mobile: 306-896-7799

Warren Kaeding is Regional Account Manager, South Saskatchewan. With a Degree in Agriculture and the experience of his 6500 acre pedigree seed farm, Warren brings a wealth of experience to our clients at Input Capital. Warren is very active in his community and loves to connect with other farmers. As former Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer, he understands what it takes to get to the next level of success on your farm. Warren resides in Churchbridge, Saskatchewan.

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How We Do it

Producer gets upfront cash payment of 80% of the entire value of the contract

Producer sells up to 10 bushels per acre of future canola production

Producer locks in a premium to current cash bids for the term of the contract

Producer gets residual payment upon delivery

Producer gets long-term fixed pricing

Input Capital gets paid at the end of contract in years five and six

Possibilities with extra cash?

  • Buy your inputs off-season and receive discounts from supplier
  • Discounts on large cash purchases
  • Flexible marketing of your product
Inquire about cash now

Producer gets upfront cash payment of 30% of the entire value of the contract

Producer sells up to 10 bushels per acre of future canola production

Producer locks in a premium to current cash bids for the term of the contract

Producer gets residual payment upon delivery

Producer gets long-term fixed pricing

Input Capital gets paid at the end of contract in years five and six

Possibilities with price protection?

  • Lock in your price into the future, even if market softens
  • Share in the upside of an increase in future prices
Inquire about price protection now

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Input Capital is amazing to deal with; I wish I had found them years ago. I am in the process of buying out my dad and this financing has helped me take a big step towards that goal. I would do another deal with them in a minute.”

- Randal Schmidt, Carrot River, SK.

“Input Capital treats us like old friends. They invested hours of face time with us and they care about our success. They return calls and texts quickly and check in with us regularly. And best of all, we love delivering canola against our contract instead of coming up with the cash. We will definitely be working with them again in the future.”

- Gerry Schiltroth, Ridgedale, SK.

“There’s a substantial amount of stress involved with a traditional operating line of credit from a financial institution. The financing I get from Input Capital is a better fit and I’d encourage any farmer needing operating capital to investigate what Input Capital offers. Streaming financing may sound complex, however, it’s about paying for capital with production.”

- Darin Pedersen, Nokomis, SK.


Looking for honest, hard-working, ambitious people to join our team!

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Input Capital Corp.

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Saskatchewan S4P 3N6
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