Products & FAQ’s


Products and FAQ’s

Mortgage Stream
A Mortgage Stream looks and feels like your existing conventional farm mortgage offered by your bank or credit union with some key benefits to bring additional value to producers. Imagine making your mortgage payment only once a year, and paying with canola, at harvest. Input will even pick the canola up from your farm and take the commodity price risk. The Mortgage Stream offers a competitive alternative to traditional mortgage products. READ MORE

Marketing Stream
A Marketing Stream is a multi-year canola delivery agreement to sell up to 25 bpa through Input Capital’s top-tier marketing program.  Input Capital will pay you a cash deposit of up to $50 per tonne, upfront, for the right to sell some of your future canola production on your behalf.  Input Capital then pays you up to 95% of the final selling price realized by us. The Marketing Stream allows farmers to tap into the volume grain prices we negotiate, volume freight discounts, and our extensive experience & expertise with puts, calls, and hedging.  Input Capital looks to maximize the price at which we sell canola and targets selling in the top 20 percent of canola prices available each year. We have a team that focuses on marketing and logistics every day, 12 months a year. And, in case we didn’t mention it, we also pick up the canola at your farm, saving you time and trucking costs.  READ MORE

Hybrid Stream
A Hybrid Stream is the perfect balance between our Capital Stream and Marketing Stream providing you with the cash you need today with access to our top tier marketing program to lower your cost of capital. Unlike delivery contracts from other companies, our Hybrid Streams pay the farmer years in advance – often before the first crop is even seeded. The Hybrid Stream offers a competitive alternative to equity and debt financing. And, in case we didn’t mention it, we also pick up the canola at your farm, saving you time and trucking costs. READ MORE

Input Capital is the world’s first agricultural streaming company. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Regina, Input Capital buys and sells canola from Prairie farmers via multi-year streaming contracts. We are a publicly traded company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange (TSX:V: INP). READ MORE


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